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Grow Your Customer Base With Social Media Marketing Services

Social media is no longer only about sharing pictures and videos with family and friends. Businesses are also using these engaging platforms to communicate with their users. These amazing platforms have incredible ways to engage with users, increase brand visibility, and generate sales.

Interestingly, most businesses understand the value of using social media to engage with their clients. But they don’t have the time to manage a combination of various social media channels and engage with their customers. We have the time, skills, and dedicated team to do all that and more for you.

Who Are We?

We are a team of expert social media managers. We help create strong social media marketing strategies for you, promote your business, create value for your users, and manage your community so you can focus on your business operations.

How Does Digi Adverta Help?

Unlike search engines, social media is widely dependent on users, making it even harder to understand. But we know the secret where we can make it easy for you. When you hire us as your social media managers, we will help you with:

  • Tailored Social Media Marketing Strategy

    It starts with analyzing your current social media channels (if you have any). We will analyze everything on every necessary social media channel and give you a complete list of items needing special care.

  • Community Management and Moderation

    We give dedicated social media account managers who’ll manage everything for you to increase your revenue. Our social media account managers will update information, content, and posts for you. They will also interact with your users, offer them the required assistance, and lead them to your website. 

  • Sharing Real Figures

    Nothing is valuable until you get regular reports with result-oriented statistics. Our team will share periodic reports with you, indicating the performance of your posts, ads, and more. Similar to SEO services, social media channels require time to start showing results. But with continuous and smart efforts, we deliver on what we promise.

  • Facebook Advertising Services

    Facebook has billions of users. You can’t ignore such a significant number. To grab maximum attention, you must run Facebook ads that will convert into leads so you can get the maximum return.

  • Instagram Advertising Services
    Compared to Facebook, Instagram is a new social media platform and has a relatively lower user base; nearly half of that Facebook has. This social media platform also helps businesses reach the masses and bring more business for you.

  • Twitter Advertising Services

    Celebrities, politicians, and social workers majorly use Twitter. That said, businesses don’t miss any chance of ignoring the extensive user base and always look for the best search engine advertising companies.

Why Hire Us?

When you hire us as your social media marketers, we ensure to:

  • Give new value to your social media business profiles.
  • Bring more social followers by creating engaging posts.
  • Create a customized social media strategy.
  • Engage your audience just the way you would do it.
  • Share performance-based reports, so you know what you have achieved over time.

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